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Weighing your food means your obsessed & sick

Heard, thought or said it before? Aaaall right ladies, lets talk Food, Diet, Tracking all the fun stuff everyone hates talking about!

Me: "... Great, I can help you with training, how is your diet?"

Client: "It´s pretty good I eat healthy most of the time"

Me: "Perfect, can you send me a food diary so I can have a look over it?"

Client "Oh no its really not that bad I do not really want to change anything" 

--> meanwhile client has two glasses of wine every night, skips lunch and starves at dinner and eats what ever she can get when she comes home from work - "I only had one cookie"

Guilty? I know I sure am / was - What has changed? I called my shit out and started sending my coach food diaries. 

Now, please keep in mind none of the above is targeted at anyone nor is it good or bad, it is just an example! 

It is funny how we follow a training plan we have a savings plan, we track our spending, we track our steps, some of us even track our sleep but when it comes to nutrition, we are "obsessive", it´s too much of a hassle, it´s unhealthy etc.

Do not get me wrong tracking your food is not for everyone and does not need to be done for the rest of your life BUT It is an amazing educational tool and can help you understand NUTRITION & YOUR BODY!

I have explained it all in more detail in the above video (Facebook group).

There is aaaaaaaaalot of information out there about nutrition and "good vs bad" foods etc. 

It does not need to be that hard! 

The main things I need you to focus on are your overall calories, then protein, then your fibre and we can be more flexible with carbs and fats as everyone has different preferences and higher fat / lower carbs might work for some but others need the opposite!

The thing is, I cannot figure any of the above out without a meal diary and a check in! As I said last week, I cannot read your mind unfortunately. I do not know how certain foods make you feel etc. 

Think about it that way (and sorry for my horrible comparison)

How would you know if your cars tank is empty if the car would´t track it?

Exactly you would only know if it´s too late -

Same with food, you might be over or under eating and only realise when the scale is up a couple of kilos and measurements are up a couple of cm which is "too late" and it could have been addressed earlier! 

However, Nutrition is all about trial & error and highly depended on the individual! 

I can help you with your basics but if we find any concerns I will advise you to see a qualified nutritionist :-)

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