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We all know the typical new year resolutions, no more carbs, training every day, going to bed at 9 etc. etc. #newyearnewme

Often they are far away from our reality. You can't expect to go from 0 to 100 in a few days.


So where do we start? 

Let´s start with REFLECTING before setting goals.

1. I want you to reflect on your TOP 2 WINS from the below areas of life:

- Career - Lifestyle - Relationships - Health & Fitness  - Mindset - Family & friends  - Financial 

e.g.: working less hours / got a promotion, travelled to Europe, got out of a toxic relationship / improved relationship with myself, lost x amount of weight / got a squat PB, became debt free / saved x amount of money etc. 

If you struggle to find 2, thats okay, jus focus on 1 out of each area.

2. What are 10 things in your life right now, making you smile / giving you purpose or passion or are fulfilling you in some way:

e.g.: friendship with xy, your dogs, music, training, clean house etc.

3. What are 10 things that you are grateful for? (They may be similar but try to think about more) This can be as little as having hot showers or food on your table.

Based on this reflect on what got you there & which habits you would like to keep doing. Make a list of all those positive habits that you want to keep (e.g. walk the dog daily / go to the gym twice / meal prep on Sundays / listen to one podcast a week, read 5 pages before bed etc.)

Now, lets focus on max. 5 things that you would have liked to achieve but did´t, yet. What do you need to stop doing and start doing to change this & achieve them in the new year?

e.g. start: gratitude daily, read 10 pages before bed, stop: scrolling through Instagram, being on the phone before bed, less negative self talk etc.

Now that we have all those let´s talk about GOALS. They need to be specific, measurable, have a time frame and a clear WHY behind them. If it doesn't mean enough to you, you won't put the work in & follow through, so always make sure you know WHY you want to do it!

Lets categorise those into career / business, personal & financial lifestyle, health & fitness and mindset goals and set 4 weeks, 3 months & 12 months timeframes around them. 

Keep the language you use positive! 

How did this make you feel? How proud are you of all your wins? How motivated are you to start now & follow through?

It`s always easier to say next time, next week, next year - but the best time is not next time - it´s NOW!

It´s time to break the cycle and finally be the person you want to be. Let´s take action now, not tomorrow, not on the 1st, not next week, NOW!

Write it down & make it happen. If you're like me and prefer a vision board to remind yourself of your goals & what you would like to achieve, you can follow the link to get to my vision board draft in Canva! If you use it, make sure to tag me or send it in the Facebook group for extra accountability!

Can`t wait to see yours & lets smash this new year & decade (crazy right?)

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