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Staying cool - Food ideas for summer

If you are anything like me you'll find it hard to stomach hot food now, especially for breakfast and lunch. Can`t imagine anything worse than my hot oats for brekky. 🙉


Megan making some chicken wraps - my fav!
Want more healthy recipe ideas? Get in touch


How boring you might think but salads can be amazing! I love adding some strawberries & mango to my salads in summer as well as mint for a yummy fresh & fruity note.🍓

If you have more calories to play with why not add some feta, nuts & seeds or sweet potato / quinoa.

For your Protein chickpeas, chicken, tuna or some steak stripes are amazing & don´t taste too bad cold either! 😋

I`m a simple girl and only use balsamic and olive oil (be careful with the olive oil even one Tablespoon = 100cal), but there are a lot of other nice dressing options! (Yoghurt, lemon, vinegar etc.) SNACKS

One of my favourite snacks are yoghurts (preferably plain and add your own fruit etc.) You can even freeze them - genius!

FRUIT FRUIT FRUIT AND FRUIT - Eat the rainbow and don't forget to snack on some veggies too! 

There are some amazing low cal icy poles out there as well which will keep you cool and should stop that ice cream craving!


I loooove sparkling water haha. My current favourite is berry tea (left to get cold) topped up with sparkling water = low cal cordial - yum! 

Or green tea and lemon for a less sugary lipton iced tea! 

Plain water and cucumber / lemon 🍋 / mint / berries is nice and refreshing! 

For your afternoon pick me up - iced long black!

Aaaaaand last but not least! 😍

Breakfast smoothies! 

Add some protein powder, oats, spinach, kale, berries and milk of your choice or water and you're good to go for your morning! 

If you have some more calories to play with add some oats, dates, honey etc. 

Remember with smoothies, leafy greens should always be your base and main component! 

Can´t wait to see your creations! tag #teamv #teamvbabes so I can stalk you :-)

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