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Welcome To Team V

Teaching Women

how to unlock their true STRENGTH & show up with CONFIDENCE inside & outside of the gym

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group training

Program Options


1h Technique Session

Want to perfect your lifts or pick my brain, this one is for you.

Small Group Personal Training

for an affordable training alternative.


Online Coaching

for self-motivated women seeking regular feedback & coaching.



Who is V?

I am a qualified Personal Trainer from Germany specialising in female fat loss & strength training.

Like many women I meet, I too once let fear and confidence hold me back from chasing the happy and healthy lifestyle of my dreams. I’d see my weight fluctuate, fixate on minor imperfections, and believe happiness relied solely upon the number on the scale.

It wasn’t until somebody I admired accompanied me to the gym and empowered ME, that I gained the courage to step out of my comfort zone and see positive changes in my life.

And because progress IN the gym echoes louder OUT of it, I believe a strong body fuels an even stronger mind.



My mission has always been to empower women with STRENGTH & CONFIDENCE they can carry with them everywhere.

Founding TEAM V at the beginning of 2018, my dream was to create a community for women around the world to stay motivated, support each other’s health & fitness journeys, and achieve a happy & positive mindset.

I believe this motivation is easier to find when like-minded women are sweating it out with you every step of the way.

While we may not share each other’s goals, lifestyles, or look the same, TEAM V was designed for women to inspire each other into becoming the best version of themselves, INSIDE & OUT… And kicking butt in the gym while doing it!



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Wiebke Hensen 

217/225 Fitzgerald St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Tel: 0411785554

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